May. 23rd, 2010

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 Okay, so I think I found a place, The Cinema Room at The Hub@Docklands. Here's the link to the webpage. I contacted the staff and apparently it costs $46.50 per hr (the KBox the other time was $50 I think?) and as you can see from the website, it caters for up to 35 people (theatrette style) or 20 people (boardroom style) and looking at the activity, I think theatrette style is best ^^
I'd like everyone's thought on this, if you guys think its not really suitable we'll keep on looking ^^
About the hours, how many do you guys think we should book? I was thinking 3/4 hrs? The con is about... 3 hrs? altogether, including the other venue MCs and stuff? Lol I haven't really counted it >< So.. 3 should be enough? maybe?
The dates, I thought it'd be best to do it near the end of June? So the possible dates are either 19(sat), 20(sun), 26(sat) or 27th(sun). Which date(s) do you guys think will work?

PS: I don't think I'll post this again in the fandom. I'll give it about 2-3 days and then, if there's people from the original fanmeet post who hasn't replied, I'll send them a PM ^^

The original fanmeet post can be found Here

[EDIT: It seems the 19/20 of June is not possible, so either the Sat or Sun after ^^ It seems that 4 hrs is the popular opinion so we'll go with that. Now, we just need to confirm the dates people, Sat or Sun? ^^ And.. it looks like everyone is fine with the venue..?]


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