Jun. 2nd, 2010

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Yay~! Okay the booking has finally been confirmed so here are the details for the fanmeet~! Kyaaaa~ I'm sooo excited~!

Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Tour Concert Screening~♥
Date: 26th June 2010
Time: 11.30am to 3.30pm
This is the time that the venue is booked for but of course, feel free to leave early or come a bit later if you can't make it for the full 4 hours ^^
Cost: $10-15 depending on how many people attend so please do bring your friends ^^
For lunch, we'll probably have it in between Disc 1 and 2 ^^


The HUB @ Docklands
80 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands (near the corner of Bourke Street and Harbour Esplanade
Melway Ref: 2E H7
Here is a map.
Instructions from Southern Cross Station:
1. Walk down Spencer towards Collin St.
2. Turn right down Collin St and walk for abt 8 mins. OR Take the 48 tram and drop at stop D16.
3. Turn left into Harbour Esplanade (when you see the big myer building)
4. Walk for abt 1-2 mins and it should be on your right ^^

PS: The 48 trams goes like this:
Yes, its a bit confusing but I think its because they extended Collin's St

To get there, I'm totally alright with meeting at Southern Cross Station first and then us walking to the venue ^^
I'll be standing there (just look for the losttie looking around desperately for other Arashi fans while trying to subtly hold a DUET mag with Arashi on the cover ><) at about 10.45am and I'll be waiting until abt 11:15am Sorry I'm changing the time to 11:10 am m(_ _)m just so that we will definitely have enough time to get there by 11.30 for the security dudes to open the building..

Additional details:
Here is my number just in case you need someone to contact ^^ 0401383182.  We have to take care of the place and so that no one unauthorized comes in, the front door will be locked. To get in, just press the bell, if no one comes, please do call me at the number above ^^
Facilities include a kitchen. It has a coffee maker, microwave, hot water, fridge, sandwich maker thingg lol, utensils but no stove. If anyone wants to bring food, there is a place to keep them. Coffee and tea are provided ^^ As food outlets arn't really near, I don't think we'll be going out of the building to eat gomen m(_ _)m

This event is for us to enjoy and immerse ourselves in more Arashi-based activities and also to build a stronger relationship between Arashi fans in Australia so lets all take the day as it comes and just have fun~! If anyone wants to propose an activity or something else they want to do on the day, please feel free suggest it ne ^^ If anyone has any qns, please do ask ^^


Just to gauge how many people are coming, please comment here even if you're not sure ^^

Here is the link to the Venue Website.
Here is a link to the original Fanmeet post

EDIT: Zedstar clearing out some of her Arashi goods and this is a list of what she's got ^^
Zedstar: Just to let people know- I'll be bringing along a small selection of stuff to sell- mostly at near-cost prices (like- pretty much what I paid for them) as I'm trying to clear out a little bit of space, and need to get SOME money together for going to the concert at the end of the year (I'll be able to do pre-orders for goods and stuff for that- LATER)

So- this is a list of what I'll be bringing: magazines, shop photos, some paparazzi photos, I'll also be bringing along some other Johnny's photos, used- but in great condition singles for "A day in our life" and "Nice na kokoro iki", Ohno mini-uchiwa from AAA 2008, NEW Dream A Live chopsticks, NEW Dream A Live phone strap, NEW Kat-Tun Queen of Pirates mirror necklace, Freestyle postcard sets, clearfiles (NEW), Dream A Live penlight (gently used), NEW Photoboard(AKA Shitajiki, Hana Yori Dango pamphlet, Lost Princess clearfiles and pamphlet. Photos are from $2, and other goods will be priced according to what I paid for them, magazines being a bit cheaper simply because I really need to clear out some of my magazine space. >_<

Everything has been very well looked after, so that even the used goods are in great condition. I'll also try to bring along some posters, but it will depend on if I can carry them with everything else I'll be bringing!


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