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These CMs were SOO cute that I couldn't resist subbing them! Quite a few has been subbed but these are the ones I have not seen subbed yet ^^ (Though I might have missed them ><)

These CMs are a mix of Unexpected Fail/Win, Arashi confusion and Rabu-rabu~♥

Wii Party CM 7 - Wan Wan Karuta

As the rest of Arashi PANICS, Nino-chan is... Laughing like the DoS he is! (Which I have to admit, is cute anyways :P)
And in a turn of events, LOUD Aiba-chan is saying...

Boys are realy serious about their games huh? :P
Single file
Password: w4nWan

Wii Party CM 8 - Gallop Derby
In an effort to reduce FAIL episodes, Sho-chan is trying his best to win!

Can you really call that desperate spastic attempt a Win Sho-chan?? *pat* *pat*
Single file
Password: Shp4stic

Wii Party CM 10 - Giri Giri Ski Jump

FINALLY he won something! Is that the new "Yatta" pose?? :P
Single file
Password: fly1ng

Wii Party CM 11 - Binkan Bakudan

And finally some touching~ AiMiya~♥
[Lol despite the lack of caps, this CM is quite funny as we get to see Aiba-fail ^^]
Single file
Password: D3scret3Touch1ng

Raw: Arashi_no_jidai
Translations: Adapted from barbosa2007 (View the original translations here and send her some love~ ^^)
Timing/Typesetting: arashilovezs

I hope you guys enjoy watching these CMs and let's all hope that other products will follow AU and Nintendo in getting our boys to play together in more CMs ne~ ^^

In a partial "revival" of the "PERFUME" synchronised wave on VS Arashi...:

Ahh boys, waving at mini character of yourselves, you spoil us with your cuteness~~♥
PS: CM 9 is the Jungle Jumping which has been subbed, but do you guys want a HQ ver? ^^
And because I LOVE LOVE LOVE these CMs, if anyone can point me to HQ ver.s, PLEASE PLEASE DO! m(_ _)m

Comments are always appreciated ^^

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