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I have to let all my feeling/opinions out on Arashi new album, Boku no Miteru Fukei so I'm gonna ramble/squeel/fangirl for the first time in a while ^^ (To be Free didn't really count cause it was more of a pic spam ahahaha =D)

First of all, my ichiiban, Sho-chan's solo KILLED ME!!
T.A.B.O.O is fast-paced, leaves a girl (me ><) breathless. The feeling is like, "Can't let you go" but with more tension & more hotness. What I got from it is a complicated relationship, like a push and pull between him and and the girl (Is this making sense ><)
I'm REALLY not good at song genres but I think the genre is Rock ^^

Excerpts: (I'm so sorry but this is my translations of parts. They might be wrong (probably are lol) but I enjoy them all the same heh ^^)

"Shinaino? Kisu"

"Won't you do it? Kiss"
Ahahha this doesn't need any explanation does it??

Machika ni kanjiru Fragrance

Feeling the fragrance next to me
Ah.. imagining being so close to Sho that he can smell the fragrance/perfume is making me dizzy @_@

Kimi to kasu Ruleless

I impose with you ruleless(ness?)

I think of it as meaning they have no rules with each other, free, comfortable and all that stuff >< so it's like they're SUPER close with each other *flail*

There are so MANY other parts but I'm gonna stop here and move on to Nino-chan~

I was BLOWN AWAY when I found out what the title of his song meant. If you don't know yet, check out Haruno21's post HERE.
His song strikes me as playful yet meaningful and deep at the same time.
Like I said, I'm REALLY not good at song genres but if I had to guess, it sounds jazzy ^^


"Suki dayo" sonna kakkoi kotoba janai.
It's not words that are cool as "I love you".

This part is really cute, the way he sings it and also what it means. Knowing Nino, the way he is, he sounds more sincere when he says Arigatou as compared to him saying Suki dayo so this gives me a very Nino-ish impression. (Lol what does everyone else think?)

Demo fushigisana...
Suki na hito ni mo, Kirai na hito ni mo, onaji dake tsutawaru.

But it's suspicious(/mysterious)..
You say the same thing to the people you like, and to the people you dislike.

This part is really deep to me. Its true in so many ways and it reflects his life experiences, all the pain and also all the love ♥

Ahahhaha I'll stop here or else I'll never stop~
Please do check the album out (if you haven't already =P)
The songs are really nice, a few I really like (other than the solos cause all of them are special, well Aiba's is too sweet but still cute ^^)  is Refrain, Gift, let me down..

Till the next flail~
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