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I'm so happy to see Arashi is getting more and more recognition from countries outside of Japan! I've translated an online Indonesian article from this site --> HERE
Oh-chan | Arashi

Its TOTALLY Oh-chan biased and I'm getting suspicious about the writer.. Moshikashite, an Ohno Ichiibaner?!!? *is suspicious*
In any case, its a sweet article highlighting his lovely attributes. I actually got a link from someone who posted about it on arashi_on but I can't remember who.. If its you, please do reply so I can credit you~ ^-^

Satoshi Ohno, The Multi-talented Captain in the Japanese Entertainment Industry
(Captain?! See why I have suspicious about the writer being a fan?? XD)

How many trophies have the legendary Japanese boy band, Arashi received? How many concerts have they held? How many advertisements and shows have been played (on TV, of them)? Certainly the number is too much to count.

Arashi is a big (as in well-known maybe?) boy band, with members full of potential. The busyness of the group and individuals who run around (everywhere) certainly requires a lot of energy. This also includes humility so as to be able muffle their individual egos. Usually, the role of guarding and keeping the balance is played by a leader. How about for Arashi?

(It is) more or less the same. The role of Captain Satoshi Ohno (29) is also fundamental in harmonizing the relationship between Arashi members. Satoshi is a well-mannered, friendly and a devoted individual, loves to embrace (hug) members with passion and, of course, with a strong charisma.

Satoshi is a figure worthy of admiration. Not only because of his sharp-looks, but also because he has everything an idol of this generation needs. Satoshi is adept at dancing, sings beautifully, acts well, and also has ambition in the Arts. Satoshi's achievements fascinates many. Not only the achievements with Aiba Masaki, Matsomoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Sho Sakurai, but also achievements as an individual.

The man who is called Oh-chan by those close to him has held a solo concert labeled "3104" in 2006. And became the first member of Arashi to own a solo single in 2009. Satoshi may also be the first member of a boy band to have had a solo art exhibit.

His solo art exhibition? Yes. In the exhibition entitled "Freestyle", Satoshi displayed hundreds of his work in the form of photo-books, caricatures, carvings, clay figurines, even graffiti. Its a serious achievement for a Pop Artist of this generation whom in general, is labeled as the follower of the industry (i.e. just follows the pre-determined boundaries of the entertainment world).

The youngest of two kids, he is now known as the member with the highest dedication. Other than the focus in his vocals Satoshi is the best dancer in the group and might be the best in the whole of Johnny Entertainment.

He arranges the movement of Arashi's actions on stage. Every movement and (fast) steps in dances is captured easily, including the times where the other members are having trouble (I think this sentence refers to the fact that he is attentive to the members' and his actions on stage. That or the fact that he can learn moves really quickly XD). It is already a well-known fact that Chinen Yuuri, one of the best dancers in Hey! Say! Jump idolizes the multi-talented Satoshi.

Even Chinen half hopes to appear in a project together and wants his face to be drawn by Satoshi. (Thank you [ profile] jadeswallow  for clearing this sentence up for me~♥)

[Note: My Indonesian is a bit rusty at best so please do forgive mistakes but I did try to keep as close to the literal meaning as possible. I tried to add notes where appropriate to increase understanding but if there is anything that's unclear, just ask and I'll clarify it for you ^-^]

Edit: I saw articles on Arashi, Nino and Aiba (Tell me if you see Jun or Sho-chan!) and I'm thinking of translating them too so stay tuned if you'd like to read those too.
And um, answering the popular question of "Are you Indonesian", no I'm not,  but I do understand Bahasa and with a good dict, I can get by more complicated stuff but I can't write it properly (grammar kills me!), but I can speak quite a bit colloquially.

Thanks for reading,
Til next time~
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