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Oct. 8th, 2010 09:22 pm
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OMG! I loved this song and the PV! The last time I was this excited was.. To be Free? (well, both song and PV. If it was just the song, the last flail post was the solos in the BNMF XD)
They broke me yet again with their painful beauty..

Disclaimer: This whole post is about what I think the song is/means. It'd be great if it can turn into a discussion because I would love to hear what everyone thinks about the song ^-^

Special thanks to [ profile] amnosxmatsujun  for the lyrics~ (I didn't try translating it this time cause it was too hard (and I'm supposed to be on hiatus XD)
Check out her awesome translations HERE~

Anyways, song summary:-
Genre/Type: Ballad (Is this a genre? *clueless*)
General Summary/Meaning: Fragile quality of love and/or relationships..

弱い自分を知った あなたに出逢ってから
Yowai jibun wo shitta anata ni deatte kara
I realized my weaker self ever since I met you
From Ohno's solo voice at the start, singing these lines, I could already feel the rush of emotion threatening to overflow.
I feel that its only with true love that one can face up to the reality of their fragileness (well fine, amongst other things, but go with me here >.<)

The way he sings it also adds to the effect: looking up in remembrance and relaxing his body as if feeling that weakness..

The Chorus is so.. perfect for this song and I wanna quote the whole thing, but its like overkill. Too many beautiful phrases in a stanza so I'm choosing my fav line,

Te de furereba kitto kieteshimau kara konomama de
Should I touch it with my hands, it would surely disappear, so I remain

The way they sing this the first time, is with passion, strongly but not forcefully, in a way, letting out the hurt of the reality of the words..
The words too are a poem in itself, seeming to talk about snow, I interpret it as referring to love, where, he's too afraid to come close to it, afraid that it'll disappear.

If I had to choose a favorite line, it'd be this,
Sunao ni ienakute furueru mune kakusu
Unable to voice my honest feelings, I hide this trembling heart

It can also mean that he can't be honest right (I think? From the word "sunao") To me, it gives the impression that in front of the person he loves, he can't show his true self, always being careful of his actions as he watches from afar. Also, the word "trembling" fits with the "snow" theme, cold, alone, scared..

The song then continues in the aching melody of Arashi until Nino's solo that finally brings me over the edge as my tears fall silently, unable to blink them away, mesmerised by his beauty..

Anata ga nozomu nara kono mi wo sasageyou
Should you desire it, I’d gladly give my life

This line totally fits with the Ooku theme but to me, it also goes beyond that. Not only self-sacrifice of giving his life, literally, but also the fact that he's ready to be everything she needs even if it means giving up himself, his hopes, his dreams, because if it'll make her happy, nothing else matters.
Furikakaru kanashimi wo subete azukete
Entrust in me the sadness that falls upon you

The phrase "subete azukete" (with just that phrase, I think it means, "entrust in me everything"), mirror's the Arashi that they are now, able, capable individuals who can shoulder the pain and sadness of their beloved. The fact that Nino sings this, and the fact that I have this image of him wanting to be seen as a man, just hits me harder because to me, the sign of a man is the courage to stick with his beloved through sad/painful times but this goes beyond that because he's offering to take responsibility of all her sadness, which in a way means that he'll always make her happy.. ♥

And again, as if my heart isn't broken enough, they had to leave me breathless with their last lines..

Eien ni kanawanai
A dream never to come true,

Even though the words say "never to come true", the use of the word "eien" (forever), to me, implies that he's willing to wait forever like this because even though nothing can happen, he still can't let go.
Soredemo itoshii hito yo
And yet, you are still my beloved

The last line, tt's Nino's solo again.
The soft melody of his voice, gently singing every word as if to cherish it, coupled with the distant look in his eyes stays with me as the shots fade into each other of Arashi in their loneliness..

Now, a few caps of the members, not including Ohno cause he already had one before XD

Sho.. What can I say but praises for my ichiiban? I understand that since it's mostly for Nino (the song) and Oh-chan's voice is like an angel and their harmony is just.. *-* But I can barely hear him singing sometimes.. Lol yeah, complaints I have for the arrangement of the song XD

Other than that, seeing him sad breaks my heart, but I've seen worse (i.e. extreme crying in TQS XD) But the close-ups.. So pretty~ (And arn't those some kissable lips or what??)

I think Aiba is the master of sadness (right next to Nino that is, because he'll always be the one who can make me cry silently with one look from his pleading eyes..)

From this cap, I'm sure that most of you will agree with me, I think XD Maybe he got a lot of practice during My Girl.. Well, whatever it is, it makes me wanna jump up and hug him to wittle bits!

Jun-chan is always trying something new (assuming he has a say in this PV) but I really don't think sitting on a chair relates very well to the song. In a song about self-sacrifice (as to what kind of sacrifice, see below), sitting on a chair dictates some kind of comfort (I mean, compared to leaning against a wall (Nino, Ohno & Sho) or hugging yourself in loneliness (Aiba) etc.).
Also, he did a "softly smiling" scene which, I get, for Love Rainbow, but for Dear Snow, which is excruciatingly sad all the way through, it doesn't really fit..
Apart from the inappropriateness of those scenes, Jun-chan looked really nice in Purple~♥ ^-^

And the last "pained" look totally made up for the smile before. XD

The GIF explains it all, the cold, the hurt, the loneliness~ hyaa~ so beautiful~ *cries*

Gosh! A sudden thought just popped into my head!
The song is so much like a poem that if it were to appear in my exam, I wouldn't notice the difference!
If the curriculum were to include it, so many of Arashi's songs could totally be used XD

Anyways, here's the end of my verryyy longg post, to those who managed to get this far, thank you for reading *hugs* ^-^ I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do leave a comment to tell me what you think too =)

Til next flail~
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