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Hey y'all!
I've finally finished exams and in a flurry of activity between Prom Night, Graduation and flying off to Singapore, I haven't had the chance to wish dear Riida Happy B'day! Well, I may have something prepared a lil later, towards to end of Oh-Month so look out for that!
[Now on to my rambles which is basically about my life so feel free to skip this and come back for Oh-chan goodies ^-^]

Getting off the 7hr flight and into the humid, tropical city of Singapore might have been exciting but I don't know cause I was like a zombie. Why? Well that, folks, is what happens if you spend a 7 hour flight trying to cram 4 movies in! I do not regret it because I managed to watch Nodame The Movie II (it was only after that I realised that there was a Nodame The Movie I *slaps head*) which elicited tears, laughter and quite a few stares.
I then decided to watch a "deeper" movie and spent the next 2 or so hours watching Princess Ka'iulani, an inspiring story about a young princess. Okay, well, I intended to make this post short so the other 2 movies were Killers with hot hot Ashton Kutcher and pretty Katherine Heigl. Last was Prince of Persia: Sands of Time with hot Jake Gyllenhaal ♥
After a day in Singapore, we drove to Malaysia where I found THIS (this was the actual reason why I dragged my sorry butt to write this post XD)

Arashi in Non-No, December Issue!! (yeah, the quality isn't the best, I don't have a scanner..)
Sho's slight smile, Jun's intent stare, Ohno's shiny jacket, Nino's fringe look and Aiba's pretty looks just made my heart melt~
I would have paid any amount to own it but what was even better was that it was RM 6!!!! For those who don't know what this means, in Singapore, a normal mag like Potato costs SGD 16, about RM37, about 6 TIMES! And in Australia, a recent mag goes for AUD21 at the ONE SHOP in the city that sells it which is around SGD 26 or RM 62 (Edited! forgot the second number *fail*. So yes, I was PSYCHED!
As I was paying, I struck a conversation with the Shop Uncle that went a little like this:
Me: Do you know them? Arashi?
Shop Uncle: Did you buy it just be cause of the cover? You don't care what's inside?
Me: Yes.. *laughs*
Shop Uncle: *looks incredulous* This is expensive you know!
Me: (Um.. not if you compare it with Singapore or Australia..)
But look! *holds mag out* They're so pretty!
Shop Uncle: Yes, yes, they're pretty but it's still expensive!
Me: I don't mind! *laughs*

Haha yes, so that was I-found-an-Arashi-bargain-while-traveling story! Does anyone else have one? Or even, conversely, a I-paid-a-crazy-amount-of-money-for-Arashi-goods story!

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