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This was waaaaay belated from Oh-month. >.<
Somehow I got really really lazy since the holidays started =S
Anyways, this is a vid of BOTH Oh-chan's performance of TOP SECRET in the AAA 2008 con and the 2004 Iza Now Concert.

Because I wanted the karaoke to mirror the fact that Oh-chan dances so fluidly that each steps fades as fast as the next appears, I used a simple fade and change effect ^-^
I combined it with a blur and translucent effect to add to the mystery and darkness of the set.

This main vid is a raw that I DL-ed more than a year ago so I can't remember who I got it from T_T
AAA Taipei 2006 & 2004 Iza, Now Tour!! - TOP SECRET

It is a merge of both performances into one vid, side by side!
If anyone knows how to do this, or know a tutorial, pleasee tell me!!
RAW: (Please tell me if you know because I want to add proper credits..)
Translation/everything else: arashilovezs

MF Single File

Since I did the double, I went ahead and did each individually ^-^
Caps do not do Oh-chan justice so I had to resort to gifs XD
AAA Taipei 2006 - TOP SECRET

I died nosebleeding~~ XD
RAW: ll13jl
Translation/everything else: arashilovezs

MF Single File

2004 Iza, Now Tour!! - TOP SECRET

One of the many reasons why Riida is Riida! MAD MOVES!
RAW: ll13jl
Translation/everything else: arashilovezs

MF Single File

 I accidentally added ll13jl for raw credits to the double and the 2004 Iza, Now Tour!! vid. Ignore that, just go with the credits in this post m(_ _)m

As mentioned in a previous post, I did create a comm --> [ profile] kiseki_arashi 
kiseki_no_arashi did not fit *fail* so yeah..
Thank you everyone who voted and gave your opinions~ *HUGSS* Because you guys were wonderful for taking the time, just click join because I know you'll follow the rules ♥
EDIT: This applies only to those who commented with their opinions in the LIFE Translation post (HERE). For everyone else, please refer to the Join post (HERE)

There's also a suprise for you there ^-^ (okay, wait like 10 mins after this post for me to post it there XD Here's the link --> HERE)
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