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OOps I clicked it twice. *fail* (*mumbles*stupid internet..*mumbles*)
The actual post --> HERE

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I tried translating and subbing the news clip and I know that there are quite a few errors in it since I outright guessed some of it (XD).
EDIT: Its all corrected now though maybe not 100% accurate (since there's almost no such thing when translating). Thank you [ profile] pebblegosling ~

If anyone can point out my mistakes, I'll release a better version in the next few hours.
If that happens, this post will be locked/deleted.
Please be patient while I re-up the edited verion ^-^ UP! Enjoy~

In any case, I feel really proud of the boys and fanboy Arashi is sooo cute ne? ^-^
Who do you think they'll meet next??

An Arashi cap because, after all, we wanna watch Arashi even with Tom and Cameron in the house XD

Fanboys~ )

EDIT: I've added the AnJ ver, which is shorter than the original clip but of a better quality ^-^
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Thanks to the great encouragement in the post with Oh-chan's article, I've also translated Arashi's article~
Oh-chan | Arashi

This was an article witten in January. It can be found HERE.
It is, in a way, a summarisation of Arashi's professional acheivements record-wise. Not so much a flail post as the previous Oh-chan post but still feels nice to read about them ^-^

Arashi Continues to Establish Themselves as they Approach a Decade
Lasting past a decade is an achievement for a boy band.. )

Special thanks to Rae-chan ([ profile] svetochkarae ) for helping me *HUGS*
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Ahhaha so I couldn't stop making Karaoke vids of Arashi, at least everyone else gets more crack to download. XD
A stark contrast to the previous post/song, Tr0ubL3Mak3R is like Kitto Daijoubu Part 2 for me =3
I mean, what's the relation between the boys on paper boats, staring at moving pencils or twirling on a platform? Plus there's clips of them goofing off in an official PV. Like I said, Kitto Daijoubu Part 2!
Since this perf is full of crack, I made the words colorful and well, "bounce" a bit. PLUS, theres a crack-cap segment today~!

EDIT: With everyone's wonderful answers~

Today's theme is.. Family XD

Let's start with the parents, Dear Oh-papa and Sho-mama~

They're so in love that they spend their days staring into each others eyes.

Leopard+Guns+Total CracK = Arashi-family?!!? )

Til the next dose of crack~,
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I've fallen in love with this song so i decided to karaoke it~ ^-^

I've always believed in simple karaoke because that's what its for right? So you can sing along? =)

Above the cut is Jun-chan singing his heart out~ (Because it IS JunJun month XD)

Edit: MU link is up! ^-^

This is what happens when you fight against the urge to work on Arashi.. (they always win! >_<) )

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I have to let all my feeling/opinions out on Arashi new album, Boku no Miteru Fukei so I'm gonna ramble/squeel/fangirl for the first time in a while ^^ (To be Free didn't really count cause it was more of a pic spam ahahaha =D)

Short excerpts + translations of the solos and LoadS of flailing ahaha~ PS: Sorry pebblegosling for forgetting the cut! )

Ahahhaha I'll stop here or else I'll never stop~
Please do check the album out (if you haven't already =P)
The songs are really nice, a few I really like (other than the solos cause all of them are special, well Aiba's is too sweet but still cute ^^)  is Refrain, Gift, let me down..

Till the next flail~
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Yesss~! My To be Free CD came yest! My first LE CD! (well, I had to pre-order this cause the shop in the city is unreliable.. ><) It was covered in PileS of bubble wrap! lol
Ahhaha, please ignore the extension to the heart, I couldn't find any other way of doing this.. >< The rest of the pics are better qual. My hand was shaking and I couldn't be bothered taking the 100milionandoneth pic. =P
Where am I gonna first play this CD?? + some more pics! )

PS: Does anyone know what the UserCode in the side thing is? It says "To be free" yuuzaa koodo and then theres a series of 11 numbers..
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As requested by a few people, here is Wii CM 9 in HQ! The CMs are continuing and lets hope it'll never end ne!

Wii CM 9 - Jungle Jump

While Nino-chan looks at his remote like it's not his fault, dear Sho-chan and Aiba-chan are laughing like crazy! (thankful that it's not their turn doing the FAIL :P)

Raw: Arashi_no_jidai
Translations: Adapted from barbosa2007 (View the original translations here and send her some love~ ^^)
Timing/Typesetting: arashilovezs

Single file
Password: jun91e

You can get CMs 7, 8, 10 and 11 here

Have fun watching our pretty boys~!

PS: Did anyone watch MS?!?!? Sho-chan's hair is TO DIE FOR and the stories were SOOO funny~!
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These CMs were SOO cute that I couldn't resist subbing them! Quite a few has been subbed but these are the ones I have not seen subbed yet ^^ (Though I might have missed them ><)

These CMs are a mix of Unexpected Fail/Win, Arashi confusion and Rabu-rabu~♥

Wii Party CM 7 - Wan Wan Karuta

As the rest of Arashi PANICS, Nino-chan is... Laughing like the DoS he is! (Which I have to admit, is cute anyways :P)
Follow for Fail + Spaz + Skinship~! )
PS: CM 9 is the Jungle Jumping which has been subbed, but do you guys want a HQ ver? ^^
And because I LOVE LOVE LOVE these CMs, if anyone can point me to HQ ver.s, PLEASE PLEASE DO! m(_ _)m

Comments are always appreciated ^^

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Ahhaha I'm not very good at celebrating someone else's b'day by myself, so nothing special for dear Nino-chan m(_ _)m
But, so many wonderful people have really dome some wonderful things for him and I just wanted to list a few here ^^

First of all, I love how our love for the boys push us to attempt things that we otherwise don't normally do.
Here's props to [ profile] best_in_sho  and [ profile] renge_kun  who tried their best and made lovely, beautiful cakes ♥ I mean, seriously, how often do we bake cakes?? (That seriously isn't just mixing the batter and covering it with frosting but actually taking the time to decorate it)
See their pics here and here~

Our boys also inspire us to create and express ourselves in the most colourful way we know, with love ^^
Go here or here to check out [ profile] rietsu_ai 's fantastic banner for Nino-chan. I think its one of a kind and a must see~ Let's just say that we can really see her love for him ^^

And of course, what b'day would be complete without some fanvids?
Since I don't have much time, I'm just gonna list the ones from tenjostyle and the comm: [ profile] wemakestormmep 
I still think that her vid to Nino-chan last year is so so beautiful~ You get to see all the wonderful sides to Nino and one thing that I realised from watching the vid is all the love that he sends out to the crowds during concerts. I know, I know, I'm a little delayed, but my eyes are usually glued to Sho-chan and I've never seen so many of the wonderful smiles he gives to fans at one time! Do check it out here
Tenjo-san has also collaborated with a few others to create a breathtaking piece. Seriously, collabs are the reason why people can rule the world! (I'm sorry if that was random. It somehow makes sense to me ><) Check it out here

And that's it ^^ There are a lot more wonderful stuff so do check other places like [ profile] arashi_on 's b'day masterpost here ^^
The fanmeet is happening this Sat (ABSOLUTELY can't wait!), does anyone want to do something / suggest something that all of us can do in celebration of Nino-chan's b'day? ^^

Did everyone have a wonderful Neener Day? ^^
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Ahhaha yes, i know that theres a few subbed ver.s floating around but I think this is a HQ version ^^

Translations: aatash/wingsonwords
Raw:  saragnayan (I'm sosossoso sorry I forgot to include you in the hardsubbed credits ><)
Subbing: arashilovezs

[EDIT: MU Links are up! Thanks to [ profile] josylovesjun for the mirror *hugs*)

Yes, this making of is FILLED with Ohmiya as everyone is exclaiming but I thin that its filled with all kinds of member ai~
Lets start with my OTP, SAKURAIBA~

Sakuraiba ♥
Sharing earphones or a reason to get closer
Folow for more LOVE and Links~♥ )
ENJOY! And mirrors are welcome ^^
Comments = ♥ so spread it all around ^^

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Ahhahaha, well, yes, I said that I'm not very good at regular postings~ :P Here's this week's show, albeit very, very late.. Umm, somehow it didn't record as well as it should and the quality is a bit worse than last weeks' so if you guys think it really is quite bad, I'll try and finish off a transcript =)

Show Highlights:
♥ My "sick, sick story"
♥ Artist Profile on a totally random band (clue: rainbows+crack=?????)
♥ Wedding update on the happy couple from last week~!

The JPop Show [2010.05.05] S1W3:
Duration: 1:01:02
Size: 55.8MB

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Alright everyone =) Since we want as many people to come as possible, we have a few dates available.
Here are the tentative dates for the fanmeet: 23rd & 24th (sat&sun) and the 27th (wed).

EDIT: Alright, its been decided that we'll be meeting on the 24th, Sunday 2010 at 12nn and the 2.30pm-4.30pm slot at KBox has been booked.

Price: $12-15. Of course this can go as low as $10 or something depending on how many people come.

Seriously, anyone can come and go whenever but please inform us if you're coming a little later/going off a little earlier. Can everyone please comment again to confirm if you're going because we have to confirm the Kbox booking, Thanks =)

The Plan is to meet up at the Treasury Gardens at 12nn for a picnic/lunch to get to know one another. Then we'll head to KBox to relax and have fun at around 2pm and stay for around 2 hrs =) There are some Arashi songs, not that much I think but there'll be other fun songs too right? The main point is TO HAVE FUN!

----- How to get there:

Treasury Gardens (Corner of Spring St and Wellington Pde Melway Ref 2G A3)
1. By Train: Get off at Parliament Station, take the exit onto Spring St and walk towards Collins Street. The Gardens are a little bit past Collins Street.
2. By Tram: Route 75 operates on Wellington Pde. Get off at Stop 8, which is the corner of Wellington Pde and Spring St, and walk a little up Spring St.
Route 48 operates along Wellington Pde and Spring Street. Get off at Stop 8 which is Parliament House/Collins Street.
* If coming from other directions, you can also take routes operating along Collins Street (such as 109 and 112), and get off at Stop 8 which is Parliament House/Collins Street. You can also take routes traveling along Bourke St, get off at Spring Street and walk/take the City Circle Tram down to Treasury Gardens.


Since we'll be heading to KBox together after lunch, this is for those who want to go straight to KBox. We most likely will take the City Circle Tram along Spring St which will then turn into LaTrobe St.
But, if you're coming from somewhere else, here are some details for you:
Location: 52 LaTrobe St Melbourne CBD
(between Russell and Exhibiton Streets)
Website: if you would like to know information on how to get there. Basically, you can reach there by Train (Melbourne Central Station and walk out onto LaTrobe St) or take Tram Routes 24, 30 or the City Circle Tram. A bus service also operates along LaTrobe St. ------

If anyone needs any clarification please contact either me (
[info]arashilovezs ) or Lisa ([info]gul284  =)

I hope everyone can make it! =D


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YES!!!! Arashi was featured in an INDONESIAN article! Its about time that their STORM reached a further press. Lets toast to more coverage of our boys yeah =)

Here's a translation of the article in the Indonesian Magazine "Asian Plus", scanned by [ profile] purasuti . Here's the link to her scan, please do drop some love there =DD.


On 10 November last year, it was confirmed that the five personalities of Arashi will appear in a special Drama by Fuji TV, "The Last Promise" [Saigo no Yakusoku]. This is their first time since 10 years ago [appearing in a drama] and this drama will be aired early next season.

The genre of the drama is 'human suspense' where all five of them, unknowingly witness the plundering of a building and face an unbelievable situation. This is the first time Satoshi Ohno (28), Sakurai Sho (27), Masaki Aiba (26), Kazunari Ninomiya (26) and Jun Matsumoto (26) appeared together since "V no Arashi" in 1999, right after their debut. The poster for this drama has been made with an adult atmosphere/feel that makes us feel their growth over these 10 years. Other than staring in a few dramas, movies, stage plays, and also receiving high recognition for their acting abilities, the variety shows that they host are also popular with audiences of all ages. Their DVD "All the BEST! Clips 1999-2009", that was released on 28 October have sold 500, 000 copies, a first in the DVD music industry.

"I wish to continue acting, keeping experiences and memories of these 10 years in my heart" said Satoshi Ohno. "I'm a bit shy...but I hope that one day the five of us can appear in a movie together" continued Jun Matsumoto.

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HEY! Guess what TODAY is!! ITS ARASHI'S 10th BIRTHDAY! So heres ME wishing them a Great 10th year! And 10 more years of WonderfuLneSS!!


chuu <3 chuu <3 Heres LOADS of LURVE!! chuu <3 chuu <3

smile Thanks for all the laughter
smile Thanks for making my life brighter
smile Thanks for all your hard work
smile Thanks for showering us with your love
smile Everyone is so wonderful that I can't write/express enough thanks even if I kept repeating it for another 10 years

Heart Sho-chan, thanks for being the root that keeps the group together and living up to my image of the hero you are..
Heart Ni-kun, thanks for being the one to explain the groups actions (especially Aiba-chan's MAD antics!), for capturing us with your shining eyes..
Heart Aiba-chan, thanks for always raising everyone's tension&spirits and showing us your gentle crying face..
Heart Oh-chan, thanks for being you. Riida, just by being there, you complete the group. Thanks for working harder and harder, I know that your can only fly higher from here.
Heart Jun-chan, thanks for loving 嵐 with all your might and always thinking of ways to make everyone shine. You are and will always be my first love..

Ah.. It makes me cry cry to think of how far our boys have grown, I only hope that one day I can convey my love for them and see them live..

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Lol okay, its been a while now since I’ve started my LJ profile and I have not posted ANYTHING! So what am I doing here you ask? Well, here it is.

1. Collecting Arashi Material
2. Spreading Arashi Love
3. Supporting those spreading Arashi Love
4. The feeling I get when I’ve finished downloading yet another Arashi video.
5. Have I mentioned Arashi yet??

Yes, as you might have gathered, I may be a little bit crazed, added to the fact that its ARASHI, I should be in a hospital ward somewhere but hey, I haven’t been caught yet have i? so shhhhhh… =P but I swear, I’m NOT addicted. *remembers something and goes to watch her newest AnS ep*
[10 mins later]
[23 mins later]

Ah!! That was GreaT! All of them were SO cute!! Now, where was I?? Oh yeah, “Why am I here”.

Well, first, lets start with who I am:
1. Female
2. 17 years old (2009)
3. I’m a Singaporean-Malay living in Australia, this is my 2nd year here =)
4. Still schooling but all my work is dropping off a bit ‘cause of my new found LOVE
5. I can’t speak/write/read Japanese though I WISH I could. Seriously thought of asking my parents to fund my lessons but I can just IMAGINE their reaction! Oh well, for now, I’ll just learn by myself off the internet *switches to the next website and confirms the last word she just learnt: namida = tears*

So, yeah, that was a quick summary of ME though I think theres more but I seriously can’t remember any more at the moment, though I think that’s quite enough for those who only want and IDEA of who I am =)

Hm.. so the title of this post is ‘Arashi Love’ ey, so I guess this is where i talk about HOW I got hooked to Arashi =)

Well, mine is a classic story that started with the Hana Yori Dango (HYD). When Domyouji/Jun walked into the room, I SeriouslY thought “OMG, that’s the leader?!? Hanazawa/Shun looks SO much better!” (You can’t really blame me, I watched Hanakimi before HYD and Domyouji/Jun had some weird outfit and the I’m-too-good-for-you look + he was walking in slow-motion).
Then, when Domyouji started to show his more positive side after comical and sweet moments with Makino, my heart started to melt… (it was only episode 4 lol and I changed my perception of him 180°!). So, with the help of Makino’s soft smile and Otsuka Ai’s ‘Planetarium’ creating the mood I fell far and fast for Domyouji/Jun. There began my journey of finding out who Jun was and that led me to the GreatesT discovery of my life! ARASHI! From there on out, everything was a blur of Arashi, Arashi and more Arashi.

Yeah, I know, I sound like the typical teenage girl with a silly crush that will probably fade away soon enough (I can see your indulgent smiles!), but seriously, with every interview/show/performance I watch of Arashi, the more I know that they are true and I really really think that I will continue to love them for a long time to come. I know that real life will get in the way later on as my youth is taken away from me but I know that I will always find a little time (even if its just a minute to listen to Ohno-kun on Discovery)

Ah, this is getting a bit long ne (okay, okay, not a bit, but you get what I mean =P) so I’ll finish off here and next I’ll be talking about that question that every Arashi community has the right to ask, ‘What makes Arashi, Arashi?” [yes minna, expect a looong post for this one, or maybe if my mood changes into ‘mercy’ mode, I won’t write up a VERY long post but instead one that is a bit long (oops, I said ‘a bit’ a gain didn’t I? when its me, NeveR trust that phrase!)

SmileS and LoveS,

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