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Ahhaha I'm not very good at celebrating someone else's b'day by myself, so nothing special for dear Nino-chan m(_ _)m
But, so many wonderful people have really dome some wonderful things for him and I just wanted to list a few here ^^

First of all, I love how our love for the boys push us to attempt things that we otherwise don't normally do.
Here's props to [ profile] best_in_sho  and [ profile] renge_kun  who tried their best and made lovely, beautiful cakes ♥ I mean, seriously, how often do we bake cakes?? (That seriously isn't just mixing the batter and covering it with frosting but actually taking the time to decorate it)
See their pics here and here~

Our boys also inspire us to create and express ourselves in the most colourful way we know, with love ^^
Go here or here to check out [ profile] rietsu_ai 's fantastic banner for Nino-chan. I think its one of a kind and a must see~ Let's just say that we can really see her love for him ^^

And of course, what b'day would be complete without some fanvids?
Since I don't have much time, I'm just gonna list the ones from tenjostyle and the comm: [ profile] wemakestormmep 
I still think that her vid to Nino-chan last year is so so beautiful~ You get to see all the wonderful sides to Nino and one thing that I realised from watching the vid is all the love that he sends out to the crowds during concerts. I know, I know, I'm a little delayed, but my eyes are usually glued to Sho-chan and I've never seen so many of the wonderful smiles he gives to fans at one time! Do check it out here
Tenjo-san has also collaborated with a few others to create a breathtaking piece. Seriously, collabs are the reason why people can rule the world! (I'm sorry if that was random. It somehow makes sense to me ><) Check it out here

And that's it ^^ There are a lot more wonderful stuff so do check other places like [ profile] arashi_on 's b'day masterpost here ^^
The fanmeet is happening this Sat (ABSOLUTELY can't wait!), does anyone want to do something / suggest something that all of us can do in celebration of Nino-chan's b'day? ^^

Did everyone have a wonderful Neener Day? ^^


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