Dear Snow~

Oct. 8th, 2010 09:22 pm
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OMG! I loved this song and the PV! The last time I was this excited was.. To be Free? (well, both song and PV. If it was just the song, the last flail post was the solos in the BNMF XD)
They broke me yet again with their painful beauty..

Disclaimer: This whole post is about what I think the song is/means. It'd be great if it can turn into a discussion because I would love to hear what everyone thinks about the song ^-^

Special thanks to [ profile] amnosxmatsujun  for the lyrics~ (I didn't try translating it this time cause it was too hard (and I'm supposed to be on hiatus XD)
Check out her awesome translations HERE~

Dear Snow thoughts + a bit of flail~ (yay I remembered the cut! XD) )

Til next flail~
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I have to let all my feeling/opinions out on Arashi new album, Boku no Miteru Fukei so I'm gonna ramble/squeel/fangirl for the first time in a while ^^ (To be Free didn't really count cause it was more of a pic spam ahahaha =D)

Short excerpts + translations of the solos and LoadS of flailing ahaha~ PS: Sorry pebblegosling for forgetting the cut! )

Ahahhaha I'll stop here or else I'll never stop~
Please do check the album out (if you haven't already =P)
The songs are really nice, a few I really like (other than the solos cause all of them are special, well Aiba's is too sweet but still cute ^^)  is Refrain, Gift, let me down..

Till the next flail~


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