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Hey y'all!
I've finally finished exams and in a flurry of activity between Prom Night, Graduation and flying off to Singapore, I haven't had the chance to wish dear Riida Happy B'day! Well, I may have something prepared a lil later, towards to end of Oh-Month so look out for that!
[Now on to my rambles which is basically about my life so feel free to skip this and come back for Oh-chan goodies ^-^]

Bargains in other countries is fun, especially if its an Arashi Goodies Bargain! )

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Ahhahaha, well, yes, I said that I'm not very good at regular postings~ :P Here's this week's show, albeit very, very late.. Umm, somehow it didn't record as well as it should and the quality is a bit worse than last weeks' so if you guys think it really is quite bad, I'll try and finish off a transcript =)

Show Highlights:
♥ My "sick, sick story"
♥ Artist Profile on a totally random band (clue: rainbows+crack=?????)
♥ Wedding update on the happy couple from last week~!

The JPop Show [2010.05.05] S1W3:
Duration: 1:01:02
Size: 55.8MB

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Hahaha, as the tittle suggests, now that I have a "life" I'm gonna try and post here more often~! Woo~ ahahha, hmm the last time I said that, it only lasted for two posts?? :P

Anyways, the reason for this sudden burst of energy is because I happen to be co-hosting on a Youth Network Radio Station ( Its a 1hr block as a part of "Asian Pop Night" which starts at 8pm (Aus time +10GMT) with Asian Night Kick-Off. At 9pm Korean Come Back Home (KPop) and at 10pm is The JPop Show which is what I'm co-hosting~!

The JPop Show is basically made up of Micheal, Jazz and Me =) Its in English (haha no, we can't speak fluent Japanese to do that but it'd be GREAT if we could) and well, yesterday was my first show, and we didn't really have a topic but there was something EXCITING that happened towards the end! And yes, since I refuse to reveal what it is, you just have to listen for urself! MUAHAHHAHAHHAAA!!

lol no, I'm not that mean :P I will be posting up a transcript for those ppl who wanna know what happened later on in the week to give everyone a chance to choose to dwnld it =} (and cause I should prob get back to my Assignments and PILES of essays hahaha)

For now, here's the link for this week's show:
Mediafire: [2010.04.27] The JPop Show Tues 10-11pm 
Size: 53.2MB
Length: 1:06:24


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