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Ahhaha so I couldn't stop making Karaoke vids of Arashi, at least everyone else gets more crack to download. XD
A stark contrast to the previous post/song, Tr0ubL3Mak3R is like Kitto Daijoubu Part 2 for me =3
I mean, what's the relation between the boys on paper boats, staring at moving pencils or twirling on a platform? Plus there's clips of them goofing off in an official PV. Like I said, Kitto Daijoubu Part 2!
Since this perf is full of crack, I made the words colorful and well, "bounce" a bit. PLUS, theres a crack-cap segment today~!

EDIT: With everyone's wonderful answers~

Today's theme is.. Family XD

Let's start with the parents, Dear Oh-papa and Sho-mama~

They're so in love that they spend their days staring into each others eyes.

That, and making love signs XD

But they've got their hands full with their 3 children who are interfering in their lovey-dovey time together.

Meet Jun-chan, Nino-kun and Ma-chan XD
(Yeah sorry, I really couldn't find a good 3-shot m(_ _)m )

Jun-chan and Nino-chan are the naughty twins.

Always popping up in between their parents...
(Jun gets a gif cause.. say it with me.. IT'S JUN MONTH!)

Or bullying their dad.

Ma-chan is well, lost to say the least.

He thinks he's half-animal/leopard (Note the pants XD)

Since Oh-papa is always being bullied, Sho-mama has to take charge!

Sho: Clean up your rooms or I'll shoot you with this imaginary gun I made with my fingers!!
(No.. this isn't just a reason to insert another Sho cap.. XD)

And there we have the lovely Arashi Family ♥

Ahhaha, "Enough of the Crack! We want LINKS!!" Is that what you're saying? Before that, here are the credits:
Raw: [ profile] arashi_no_jidai 
Lyrics: [ profile] yarukizero  & [ profile] arashilovezs 
Everything Else:
[ profile] arashilovezs 
And finally! Here you go~ ^-^
File info:
Resolution: 1280x720 (resized from 1920x1080]
Length: 3:52 min

MF: 001 | 002 | 003
Because my internet hates me, it took HOURS so i had to cut it up.
Password: Tr0ubL3Mak3R
Because this Fandome is AWESOME, [ profile] chashaopao has uploaded it for me~ Thank you sooo much! ♥

The same rules apply, NO UPLOADING, STREAMING, ALL THAT COPYRIGHT STUFF cause I want to keep spreading the crack love. Please link people to my LJ instead but seriously, posting on youtube with my LJ as a link STILL COUNTS! If you're somehow desperate to to pass this around, explain to me how and why and let's see if we can work it out ^-^

Now, I know that I always say comments are loved, well, they ARE! I do read each and everyone of them even if its a simple thank you ♥

I somehow think its kinda my fault that no one knows what to say in the comments so let's find a topic.. hm..
How about.. following the CRACK-tasticness (totally made up word) of this song, what's your fav Arashi on crack vid? Links, pics, descriptions are all welcome! ^^

Or maybe offer your own Arashi-featured made up word and tell me what inspired it ^-^

I may even edit this post with some of the answers you guys give (lol assuming that I'm not just talking to myself and that someone actually reads what I write XD)

So, I've gotten a few replies (keep em coming guys!) and here are some of the answers ~

> [info]krysana  said that her fav Arashi-on-crack vid is the Monser PV Making of! Ahhaha I definitely agree! C'mon, the butt-groping, hug-tackling goodness is almost too much to handle! XD If anyone wants a subbed copy by me, you can find it HERE
> [info]gul284  loved the Kitto Daijoubu and Hadashi no Mirai PVs which is Arashi on official crack XD You have to love the staff who allowed Arashi to jump on each other / sing in a shower  and then included it in the PV
> [info]kiriezero  mentioned the EPIC Music Station ep with the Sho/Nino/AIba bath stories XD find a subbed copy by [ profile] sora_takaku  HERE
> [info]mini_micky  reminded me of the Secret Talks! In particular, the Hadashi no Mirai's secret talk + Wish's secret talk + Beautiful Days' secret talk! I just love hearing the boys ramble on about nothing in particular and Sho-chan having to bring them back to the topic XD
~ Get the Beautiful Days Secret talk HERE at [ profile] keijitakao 's journal and the translations HERE at [ profile] inseiko 's journal ^-^
~ You can get the Wish secret talk subed on YouTube HERE, HERE and HERE. Or you can DL it from [info]punkroxta 's LJ
~ And the Hadashi no Mirai secret talk by [ profile] iemkhaye  HERE.
(*phew* this entry is getting long ^0^ but I really like it this way, with responses from all of you~♥)

Ahhhaa I've also gotten a made up word by [ profile] dekya , Spazview which refers to an attempt to give a constructive criticism or review of a video but ends up becoming a spaz-fest. Check out one done by Dekya and her friends HERE I've sure all of us has held a spazfest one way or another right?? ^-^

PS: Yes, I couldn't stop capping (seriously, its not THAT much..? XD) and if your bandwith dies because of me, here's some rainbow cookies~ *gives out cooooookies* (Because the cookie monster was my pre-school crack XD)

Til the next dose of crack~,
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