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I.. got.. tagged? O_O
(Naughty [livejournal.com profile] svetochkarae -chan!)

Whenever I get tagged, I realise how short my f-list is.. @_@

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

I tag:  [livejournal.com profile] amayaikuta , [livejournal.com profile] dekya , [livejournal.com profile] gaiiterz , [livejournal.com profile] gul284 , [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling , [livejournal.com profile] corlee1289 , [livejournal.com profile] miha_bara , [livejournal.com profile] nikoru1205 

very very sorry.. m(_ _)m

On to the Questions!

Randomness + Creeper confession XD )
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Its like I'm destined to translate songs that start with "L"!

Here's my second attempt at translating a song and even though my eyes won't open properly, I'm determined to post it up!
And I'm trying a different method of presenting the lyrics so you don't have to scroll back and forth. Tell me if you guys prefer this or the other ^-^

Like the past and future blending.. ♪ )

Um, I know I haven't set rock hard rules but the default applies, no sharing outside the journal, credit if quoting, ask before using etc. ^-^

PS: *ahem*randomsidenote*ahem* I keep using Navy and Grey cause they arn't so harsh on my background but they get a bit boring.. What colors would be nice do you think?
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Hehe I found this on [livejournal.com profile] nefartari85 's journal and thought it was fun to do XD

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Nino.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Singapore in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Green Toyota.
  I will spend my days as a Popstar, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

It's no surprise that I wrote everyone's names in the first part under crushes but its SUCH a coincidence that as it was "mashing-up", the last two options left for that column was my ichiiban Sho and Niiban Nino >.< The fact that it picked Nino in the end.. maybe its trying to tell me something..? XD
*ahem* Considering that I'm tone-deaf, I never expected it to pick "Popstar". It was actually the only random option out of the five but go figure.. >.<
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This was waaaaay belated from Oh-month. >.<
Somehow I got really really lazy since the holidays started =S
Anyways, this is a vid of BOTH Oh-chan's performance of TOP SECRET in the AAA 2008 con and the 2004 Iza Now Concert.

Because I wanted the karaoke to mirror the fact that Oh-chan dances so fluidly that each steps fades as fast as the next appears, I used a simple fade and change effect ^-^
I combined it with a blur and translucent effect to add to the mystery and darkness of the set.

This main vid is a raw that I DL-ed more than a year ago so I can't remember who I got it from T_T
AAA Taipei 2006 & 2004 Iza, Now Tour!! - TOP SECRET

It is a merge of both performances into one vid, side by side!
If anyone knows how to do this, or know a tutorial, pleasee tell me!!
RAW: (Please tell me if you know because I want to add proper credits..)
Kanji+Romaji: Jpopasia.com
Translation/everything else: arashilovezs

MF Single File

Since I did the double, I went ahead and did each individually ^-^
Caps do not do Oh-chan justice so I had to resort to gifs XD
AAA Taipei 2006 - TOP SECRET

I died nosebleeding~~ XD
RAW: ll13jl
Kanji+Romaji: Jpopasia.com
Translation/everything else: arashilovezs

MF Single File

2004 Iza, Now Tour!! - TOP SECRET

One of the many reasons why Riida is Riida! MAD MOVES!
RAW: ll13jl
Kanji+Romaji: Jpopasia.com
Translation/everything else: arashilovezs

MF Single File

 I accidentally added ll13jl for raw credits to the double and the 2004 Iza, Now Tour!! vid. Ignore that, just go with the credits in this post m(_ _)m

As mentioned in a previous post, I did create a comm --> [livejournal.com profile] kiseki_arashi 
kiseki_no_arashi did not fit *fail* so yeah..
Thank you everyone who voted and gave your opinions~ *HUGSS* Because you guys were wonderful for taking the time, just click join because I know you'll follow the rules ♥
EDIT: This applies only to those who commented with their opinions in the LIFE Translation post (HERE). For everyone else, please refer to the Join post (HERE)

There's also a suprise for you there ^-^ (okay, wait like 10 mins after this post for me to post it there XD Here's the link --> HERE)
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Just wanna wish [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

To the girl who I met through Arashi,
To the girl who I sang with happily,
May this birthday be,
One of many more you'll see ^^;

Four lame lines I scratched up from my deranged sleep-deprived brain is all I can give but in any case, I hope you find it entertaining ^-^
Best Wishes~
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Hey y'all!
I've finally finished exams and in a flurry of activity between Prom Night, Graduation and flying off to Singapore, I haven't had the chance to wish dear Riida Happy B'day! Well, I may have something prepared a lil later, towards to end of Oh-Month so look out for that!
[Now on to my rambles which is basically about my life so feel free to skip this and come back for Oh-chan goodies ^-^]

Bargains in other countries is fun, especially if its an Arashi Goodies Bargain! )

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Have you ever heard a song which instantly makes you feel like its talking to you?
Well, recently I accidentally heard "LIFE" (yeah, delayed, I know >.<) and I just KNEW that I had to have it!
After playing it on repeat for days and since I got bored studying, I decided to translate it to share with everyone one of the (many, many) reasons why we love Arashi, their beautiful songs~♥
When else to share this than on their Anniversary? ^^;
(Happy Anniversary Arashi~ and to everyone else, Have a Wonderful Arashi-filled day today ^^;)

I only provided the English translation from the lyrics.
Kanji lyrics are from arashilyrics.com and romaji lyrics are from the kanji translator I found online XD

♫ The most important thing is reason for our smiles~ ♪ )

♪ taisetsu na mono wa sore zore no egao no riyuu~ ♫ )

Um, side note. I want to get everyone's opinion.

Need everyone's help = Polls m(_ _)m )

PS: Thank you for reading this ULTRA LONG post XD
To those who don't know me, I do flail reflect whenever I post because I like to get replies from everyone so feel free to drop a comment ^^;

I totally planned to get this out at MN Jpn time but then I overslept and it took me another hr and a half to write this.. *fail* Gargh LJ polls script..

EDIT: I took the polls out because no one can vote on it, not even me (???) so.. hmm.. maybe I'll add an outside poll..
Lol LJ doesn't allow it I think..? If you do want to vote, go HERE to vote for names, or drop a comment to tell me what you think of the song too ^^;

Dear Snow~

Oct. 8th, 2010 09:22 pm
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OMG! I loved this song and the PV! The last time I was this excited was.. To be Free? (well, both song and PV. If it was just the song, the last flail post was the solos in the BNMF XD)
They broke me yet again with their painful beauty..

Disclaimer: This whole post is about what I think the song is/means. It'd be great if it can turn into a discussion because I would love to hear what everyone thinks about the song ^-^

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] amnosxmatsujun  for the lyrics~ (I didn't try translating it this time cause it was too hard (and I'm supposed to be on hiatus XD)
Check out her awesome translations HERE~

Dear Snow thoughts + a bit of flail~ (yay I remembered the cut! XD) )

Til next flail~
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OOps I clicked it twice. *fail* (*mumbles*stupid internet..*mumbles*)
The actual post --> HERE

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I tried translating and subbing the news clip and I know that there are quite a few errors in it since I outright guessed some of it (XD).
EDIT: Its all corrected now though maybe not 100% accurate (since there's almost no such thing when translating). Thank you [livejournal.com profile] pebblegosling ~

If anyone can point out my mistakes, I'll release a better version in the next few hours.
If that happens, this post will be locked/deleted.
Please be patient while I re-up the edited verion ^-^ UP! Enjoy~

In any case, I feel really proud of the boys and fanboy Arashi is sooo cute ne? ^-^
Who do you think they'll meet next??

An Arashi cap because, after all, we wanna watch Arashi even with Tom and Cameron in the house XD

Fanboys~ )

EDIT: I've added the AnJ ver, which is shorter than the original clip but of a better quality ^-^
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Thanks to the great encouragement in the post with Oh-chan's article, I've also translated Arashi's article~
Oh-chan | Arashi

This was an article witten in January. It can be found HERE.
It is, in a way, a summarisation of Arashi's professional acheivements record-wise. Not so much a flail post as the previous Oh-chan post but still feels nice to read about them ^-^

Arashi Continues to Establish Themselves as they Approach a Decade
Lasting past a decade is an achievement for a boy band.. )

Special thanks to Rae-chan ([livejournal.com profile] svetochkarae ) for helping me *HUGS*
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I'm so happy to see Arashi is getting more and more recognition from countries outside of Japan! I've translated an online Indonesian article from this site --> HERE
Oh-chan | Arashi

Its TOTALLY Oh-chan biased and I'm getting suspicious about the writer.. Moshikashite, an Ohno Ichiibaner?!!? *is suspicious*
In any case, its a sweet article highlighting his lovely attributes. I actually got a link from someone who posted about it on arashi_on but I can't remember who.. If its you, please do reply so I can credit you~ ^-^

Satoshi Ohno, The Multi-talented Captain in the Japanese Entertainment Industry
(Captain?! See why I have suspicious about the writer being a fan?? XD)

loves to embrace members with passion.. XD )

Thanks for reading,
Til next time~
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Ahhaha so I couldn't stop making Karaoke vids of Arashi, at least everyone else gets more crack to download. XD
A stark contrast to the previous post/song, Tr0ubL3Mak3R is like Kitto Daijoubu Part 2 for me =3
I mean, what's the relation between the boys on paper boats, staring at moving pencils or twirling on a platform? Plus there's clips of them goofing off in an official PV. Like I said, Kitto Daijoubu Part 2!
Since this perf is full of crack, I made the words colorful and well, "bounce" a bit. PLUS, theres a crack-cap segment today~!

EDIT: With everyone's wonderful answers~

Today's theme is.. Family XD

Let's start with the parents, Dear Oh-papa and Sho-mama~

They're so in love that they spend their days staring into each others eyes.

Leopard+Guns+Total CracK = Arashi-family?!!? )

Til the next dose of crack~,
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I've fallen in love with this song so i decided to karaoke it~ ^-^

I've always believed in simple karaoke because that's what its for right? So you can sing along? =)

Above the cut is Jun-chan singing his heart out~ (Because it IS JunJun month XD)

Edit: MU link is up! ^-^

This is what happens when you fight against the urge to work on Arashi.. (they always win! >_<) )

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I have to let all my feeling/opinions out on Arashi new album, Boku no Miteru Fukei so I'm gonna ramble/squeel/fangirl for the first time in a while ^^ (To be Free didn't really count cause it was more of a pic spam ahahaha =D)

Short excerpts + translations of the solos and LoadS of flailing ahaha~ PS: Sorry pebblegosling for forgetting the cut! )

Ahahhaha I'll stop here or else I'll never stop~
Please do check the album out (if you haven't already =P)
The songs are really nice, a few I really like (other than the solos cause all of them are special, well Aiba's is too sweet but still cute ^^)  is Refrain, Gift, let me down..

Till the next flail~
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Yesss~! My To be Free CD came yest! My first LE CD! (well, I had to pre-order this cause the shop in the city is unreliable.. ><) It was covered in PileS of bubble wrap! lol
Ahhaha, please ignore the extension to the heart, I couldn't find any other way of doing this.. >< The rest of the pics are better qual. My hand was shaking and I couldn't be bothered taking the 100milionandoneth pic. =P
Where am I gonna first play this CD?? + some more pics! )

PS: Does anyone know what the UserCode in the side thing is? It says "To be free" yuuzaa koodo and then theres a series of 11 numbers..
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As requested by a few people, here is Wii CM 9 in HQ! The CMs are continuing and lets hope it'll never end ne!

Wii CM 9 - Jungle Jump

While Nino-chan looks at his remote like it's not his fault, dear Sho-chan and Aiba-chan are laughing like crazy! (thankful that it's not their turn doing the FAIL :P)

Raw: Arashi_no_jidai
Translations: Adapted from barbosa2007 (View the original translations here and send her some love~ ^^)
Timing/Typesetting: arashilovezs

Single file
Password: jun91e

You can get CMs 7, 8, 10 and 11 here

Have fun watching our pretty boys~!

PS: Did anyone watch MS?!?!? Sho-chan's hair is TO DIE FOR and the stories were SOOO funny~!
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These CMs were SOO cute that I couldn't resist subbing them! Quite a few has been subbed but these are the ones I have not seen subbed yet ^^ (Though I might have missed them ><)

These CMs are a mix of Unexpected Fail/Win, Arashi confusion and Rabu-rabu~♥

Wii Party CM 7 - Wan Wan Karuta

As the rest of Arashi PANICS, Nino-chan is... Laughing like the DoS he is! (Which I have to admit, is cute anyways :P)
Follow for Fail + Spaz + Skinship~! )
PS: CM 9 is the Jungle Jumping which has been subbed, but do you guys want a HQ ver? ^^
And because I LOVE LOVE LOVE these CMs, if anyone can point me to HQ ver.s, PLEASE PLEASE DO! m(_ _)m

Comments are always appreciated ^^

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUFF-CHAN~! I'm so sorry that this is SO plain but I'm using an iPhone which is giving me soooo much trouble! I'll edit this post with something nicer when I get back ne ^^ have a great birthday ^^ *hugs*



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