Jan. 4th, 2010

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Alright everyone =) Since we want as many people to come as possible, we have a few dates available.
Here are the tentative dates for the fanmeet: 23rd & 24th (sat&sun) and the 27th (wed).

EDIT: Alright, its been decided that we'll be meeting on the 24th, Sunday 2010 at 12nn and the 2.30pm-4.30pm slot at KBox has been booked.

Price: $12-15. Of course this can go as low as $10 or something depending on how many people come.

Seriously, anyone can come and go whenever but please inform us if you're coming a little later/going off a little earlier. Can everyone please comment again to confirm if you're going because we have to confirm the Kbox booking, Thanks =)

The Plan is to meet up at the Treasury Gardens at 12nn for a picnic/lunch to get to know one another. Then we'll head to KBox to relax and have fun at around 2pm and stay for around 2 hrs =) There are some Arashi songs, not that much I think but there'll be other fun songs too right? The main point is TO HAVE FUN!

----- How to get there:

Treasury Gardens (Corner of Spring St and Wellington Pde Melway Ref 2G A3)
1. By Train: Get off at Parliament Station, take the exit onto Spring St and walk towards Collins Street. The Gardens are a little bit past Collins Street.
2. By Tram: Route 75 operates on Wellington Pde. Get off at Stop 8, which is the corner of Wellington Pde and Spring St, and walk a little up Spring St.
Route 48 operates along Wellington Pde and Spring Street. Get off at Stop 8 which is Parliament House/Collins Street.
* If coming from other directions, you can also take routes operating along Collins Street (such as 109 and 112), and get off at Stop 8 which is Parliament House/Collins Street. You can also take routes traveling along Bourke St, get off at Spring Street and walk/take the City Circle Tram down to Treasury Gardens.


Since we'll be heading to KBox together after lunch, this is for those who want to go straight to KBox. We most likely will take the City Circle Tram along Spring St which will then turn into LaTrobe St.
But, if you're coming from somewhere else, here are some details for you:
Location: 52 LaTrobe St Melbourne CBD
(between Russell and Exhibiton Streets)
http://www.kbox.com.au/contact.htm if you would like to know information on how to get there. Basically, you can reach there by Train (Melbourne Central Station and walk out onto LaTrobe St) or take Tram Routes 24, 30 or the City Circle Tram. A bus service also operates along LaTrobe St. ------

If anyone needs any clarification please contact either me (
[info]arashilovezs ) or Lisa ([info]gul284  =)

I hope everyone can make it! =D



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